Relevant documents of your case are needed for efficient debt recovery

In case you place an order for legal services to recover your claims... ... pls provide all information available. For a reliable consideration and a fair judgment of the further proceedings the overall business correspondence is needed. Therefore please:

  • copy all obtainable written information and
  • give us a clear history of what incurred in this specific case.

and forward this information immediately to the law office after having placed your written order for legal service.

Basic relevant documents are:

  • Claim base documents (invoice and contractual agreement ...),
  • Correspondence relating to the claim in question,
  • Claim supporting documents (order form, bill of lading, delivery notes, credit notes).

In case a credit-insurance company is involved, we additionally need the placement form.

Please note that most of the documents will probably need to be translated by a certified translator.

Very important: we need a signed power of attorney to represent you before the debtor. Without such a document the debtor is allowed to reject the claim.


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