Initiating legal debt collection in Germany

Legal debt collection proceedings are initiated depending on the actual status of each specific case.

Legal rules, proceedings and regulations are different to your domestic market and there are certain procedures that have to be respected for a fruitful outcome of a claim. Your business partners have different debt collection appeal options that have to be taken into account.

Points of investigation for a successful start of the debt collection process

After having received the relevent documents for the claim from you, each debt collection process starts with a thourough investigation in order to find out how valid the claim is:

  • all important contractual agreements have to be reviewed,
  • the invoicing process has to be checked,
  • the debtor risk has to be reviewed
  • which kind of objections does the debtor have against the claim,
  • limitation periods have to be checked.

Only a professional investigation and preparation of your claim will avoid fruitless expenses and make possible a successful outcome of the further claim recovery process.


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