Commonly agreed rules of conduct for the collection proceedings

Our clients will do everything possible to insure a smooth and hitch free relationship with us as their legal representatives and are ready to work with us to achieve their goal.

Sometimes delinquent debtors are not of the opinion that once creditor's presence is established via a legal representative they will have no option but comply with payment request and accompanied with legal action and litigation will push for the accounts to be paid attention to effectively and have different strategies to impede the relationship between representative and client. Your Debtor will try everything to confuse and interfere the creditor side (so-called "divide and rule" tactic).

As debtors therefore are very resourceful and creative in this respect during the collection proceedings for sake of effectiveness we should agree to certain rules of conduct for our common interaction and communication vis-à-vis the delinquent debtor during the whole collection process.

Single point of contact for communication to be agreed upon

Normally there are personal links to the client originating from the former business relationship. Typically this relationship has severely suffered due to the non-payment but from the debtor's perspective this is an ideal link to be revitalized in order to produce a non co-ordinated bi-directional conversation with the creditor side.

This strategy will culminate during the phase where he receives short deadlines for acknowledgements and/or installment agreements which he will seek to avoid and/or get better payment conditions.

Therefore it turned out to be compulsory to only communicate with one unique communication partner

Should you be interested in a strong representation partner we recommend that we are single point of contact  during the whole collection phase. If the debtor therefore contacts you, the respective communication media should not be answered by the client but iimmediately be forwarded to our law office. In exchange we guarantee that in every major communication phase you will be informed about all developments immediately.


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