Documents needed according to German Statutes

In order to facilitate the procedure in a timely manner and for the comfort of our clients we have compiled the documents in format Adobe Reader pdf below.

Please fill out and sign the documents and return them in a scanned copy or by fax to our law office as well as the original document by post.

We are ready to provide statutory legal cost information on your specific case

If their fees are based on claim value, German lawyers are obliged to draw attention to this fact before being instructed to act according to § 49b (5) of the Federal Lawyers Code.

If an agreement is entered into concerning their remuneration, lawyers must point out that, if costs are awarded, only the statutory fees will be reimbursed (§ 3a (1), sentence 3, of the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act).

Power of Attorney necessary for correspondence

According to German law a duly signed valid Power of Attorney has to be attached to the collection letter.

The certificate of power of attorney must be signed by the client. We will send a bilingual pdf-copy which you should sign and send back to us immediately by fax and/or with a scanned copy as well as in the original by post.

This document will prove that the authority granted to the lawyer had been properly conferred by his client and includes the right to represent him as well as to collect the payments due by the debtor.

Without this power of attorney the debtor is entitled to reject the claim.

Please contact us and we will provide this form.

Notice of value-related fees

Clients have to be aware that German fees depend on the value of the disputed matter.

Agreement on fees

In a common approach we will define the duration and the extent of our co-operation with together with our clients in order to reach an agreement that perfectly fits to the requirements of the respective case.


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