Long enduring invoicing history with your German customer

You can be sure - all businesses have debts. The economic environment over the recent years has led to a steady decline in customers' payment behavior also in Germany. While, in the private sector, credit periods of two to three weeks seem to be acceptable, credit periods of up to ninety days or more are no rare occurrence, not only in industry and commerce but also in the services sector in Germany.

We receive a lot of history reports about outstanding payments

This is typical debt history description:

The debtor has a substantial past due account balance. In a first step the creditor sent his German customer a letter setting forth a longer deadline for payment of the balance due and received no answer. 

The creditor brought this situation once more to the attention on several occasions with additional e-mails stating that the debtor should consider the message as formal notice from the creditor that he intends to collect the past due balances by all appropriate means and if necessary, he will retain counsel in Germany to pursue collection of the debt, but once again received no response. 

He then also placed a telephone call to the debtor requesting that someone to contact him regarding this matter. But again, he has not received any response. The debtor’s past due account balance with the creditor totals a high considerable amount.

Support from a German law firm necessary

At the end of the day the creditor's efforts over the time did not take him one single step further and the involvement of a lawyer familiar with these legal case is mandatory in order to get the debtor moved.

Clients typically would like to obtain information from the law office regarding the costs and procedure of initiating formal proceedings to collect the debt from the German debtor.  


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