Evidence needed for the submission of the invoices and the reminders

The most common contentions of debtors are that they have never received any invoice and have not received any reminder.

The creditor is legally obliged to proof a due notification of the debtor.

In times where communication takes place via the internet creditors face the challenge to proof a legally effective notification.

The invoices and reminders may be sent:

  • by fax, but the transmission protocol can only proof the dispatch of the document but unfortunately not the receipt of the document,
  • by email, but no proof of delivery is possible, neither for the dispatch nor for the receipt,
  • registered mail by postal service is a secure way to proof debtors' notification,
  • by courier service is also a secure option to proof notification.

Due to evidence reasons only registered letters and notification by courier services are valid for legal purposes in order to provide court-accepted documentation.


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