Business start into the German market with a Commercial Agent

Commercial agents are a cost-effective measure for business starts and the ongoing and running business

With more than 82 milion consumers Germany is the most attractive export market place for foreign companies in Europe.

But entering new markets involves considerable investments and is risky as the success is uncertain and fixed costs for company owned distribution channels (offices, employees ...) are considerable.

Mainly small and medium-sized enterprises therefore avoid fixed costs for distribution channels and work together with commercial sales agents on a multi project basis.

Considerable competition is already active

More than 700,000 commercial agents are active in Germany.

Minimation of risks with sustainable contract management

Such a co-operation is considered to be cost effective. Prerequisite for a fruitful partnership are professional contracts that avoid any disputes.

Unfortunately in many cases we are confronted with legal agreements that do not meet the business and legal requirements.

Legal support by the law office

In all cases where you are developing or expanding distribution channels, drafting distribution contracts or are engaged in a dispute with distribution partners in Germany the law office will support.




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