Initiating litigation

If a debt cannot be collected amicably, a legal procedure enforces the payment and collections costs will be invoked.

In case there was no “arbitration clause” in your contractual agreement with the debtor, we will file a debt collection lawsuit before the German courts.

Court judgment is necessary in Germany

Court judgment is needed for an enforcement if the debtor is not willing to pay or unable to pay.

Rules to recover debts via court proceedings before a German Court

Should the debtor prove unable or unwilling to pay, the client has to decide on a recovery of the debts with the help of the German Courts to obtain an enforceable judgement.  In Germany courts will not accept documents in a foreign language. Therefore all relevant documents have to be translated by a sworn translater admitted before the court.


The average time from issue of proceedings to judgment is 2 until 3 months in case the claim is undisputed. Should there exist any fundamental objections against your claim and should it be partially or in total desputed, this will result in a much longer duration.


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