Delayed debts are a fact of business life - also with German business partners

Obtaining the initial order from your German business partner was ongoing business - but getting paid now seems to be more difficult?

You have an ongoing cross-border business relationship abroad with a German client (business partner or corporate entity) and you are looking for debt recovery because you have already delivered according to contractual obligations and have invoiced but now the German customer and delinquent debtor does not react on this invoice?

Insolvence Rates in Germany

The number of insolvent companies has constantly decreased by 43 percent since 2003. 23,123 companies have registered insolvency in 2015. Because of its strong economic growth Bavaria has the lowest insolvency rate in Germany and therefore - from an economical view - the strongest companies all over Germany.

Specialized German Law Office for Legal Debt Collection

Only attorneys and authorised debt collection agencies are entitled for debt collection in Germany. Based on the specific facts of cases, we will take appropriate measures to realize the interests of our clients with negotiations, conciliation, mediation, arbitration and if necessary litigation. 

Out of Court activities as well as judicial proceedings related to the collection of debts are conducted according to German Law. If necessary a broad outline of the enforcement proceedings is available to the creditor as well as options in cases of insolvency.

Initial cost-free call

Please call us for the first cost-free introduction of your case.

As a conflict check will always be performed prior to the acceptance of a mandate in order to avoid a conflict of interests we need to know the name and address of the debtor as well as the amount in dispute.


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